Leaving for Houston

… now, but I had to post two quick office pics, taken with the phone. I’m in love!

Now, we tung oil everything starting Monday, paint a bit and get the chairs and a few things and move in!

In the future, we will have a pivoting plasma screen for presentations and for entertaining the passerby. See this quick rendering:

MOVING!!!! Curra’s is almost done

We had to move out of the old office before the new one is finished, so it has been quite hectic around here. But, man, are we excited about the new office, or what!!! I can’t wait to post pictures of the work in progress, soon!!!

And guess what, Curra’s at Parmer and Mc Neill is almost finished!!! They will do a test opening on Monday! IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE. I took some pics before it was finished and I’m going to start taking serious pics (along with a couple other professional photographers) so get ready!!!

Everyone is in love with the place, with the perforated plywood and the big ass fan, it feels almost like you can fly in there. It’s SO open, bright and clean, and FUN. They are going to make a killing at this place. Stay tunned. VV

Here it IS!!!!!

Today we started work at the new place with John B, Mike and Manuel. These guys can make even sweeping fun! We goth the old fridge out of there, the old pipes, shelves, the old alarm system, the old phone lines, the old, old dust… all ripped out of there. I even got treated to a single malt from next door! I’m in builder’s heaven. Tomorrow is power cleaning day!!!

The old Duval cleaners,

will soon be:


Isn’t gorgeous? Wait until we’re done with it:-) But the best part is got to be the location, 4220 Duval, next to the Hyde Park Grill, Dolce Vita, Asti, Mother’s, Fresh Plus, The Bakery, Ayayay… I hope we don’t get too fat from all the wonderful food around us.

I’ve already vowed to head for the smoothies at Mother’s. Honest… Had my first one today with Joe. Speaking of Joe, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have gotten this space… he sent me a notice about the space behind it and it occured to me to walk around and I saw this one… showed it to MJ, who then proceeded to want it badly, although it didn’t seem like it was for lease… and it sort of kinda wasn’t… But it was… Many meetings and much charming-duty later… here’re we are!!!!

That’s John B:-) You’ve heard from him in the newsletter. You’ll be reading much more about him AND his business partner Mike, the awesome!

Yes, the old fridge will go:-) I posted it on Craigslist, maybe someone needs parts for an ancient monster… But check the north facing clerestories, inside… I’ll post more pics and renderings and plans soon, I’ll try to keep updates on the process,

MJ’s been at the office until very late these last two nights (he’s still there) drawing up a storm. I’m very excited:-) The best part is the swivel TV at the front. We are going to be running a 24/7 show!


omygod, omygod… we did it! We signed a big fat lease for the coolest space in Austin!!!!!It’s raw, it needs everything, it’s perfect, it’s within walking distance from the shcool, it has tons of hip traffic, we are going to have a tv on 24/7. we’re surrounded by GOOOD restaurants. There’s a pool to go cool off a couple blocks away. Did I say it’s just beautiful?? Well… it actually looks like hell right now, but oh th epotential….wait until we are done with it… MJ is drawing it as we speak, John is gonna help us with the finish out… We’ll keep you posted!!!! VV

Steel is up!!!

If you have been reading about the craziness at the job in Cleabourne, you’ll be happy to hear that the construction is actually progressing nicely and that the steel is up! Our happy friend/client is sending us many pictures (mostly taken with his phone, I think…) MJ will have you want to notice the indentation in the foundation specially designed to collect the sand that this fine artist throws at his paintings when he works… there’s also another cut in the foundation that is to be a fire pit… but MJ will post about that, I’m sure. For now I’m just going to paste these here and I will let MJ comment on the job.

I don’t know when that will be because he’s taking off for Dallas in the AM, to visit this site, present another project (I will post renderings of the presentation soon) and to have drinks with another potential commercial client, the lucky dog… VV

The happy architect in front of our office, soon to be former office… (More on that soon. I think we found the perfect space!!!) Although, I’ll be very sad to see this building go, it’s a 50’s gem. and it’s a crime to touch it… unless they do something brilliant with it (let’s hope.)