MOVING!!!! Curra’s is almost done

We had to move out of the old office before the new one is finished, so it has been quite hectic around here. But, man, are we excited about the new office, or what!!! I can’t wait to post pictures of the work in progress, soon!!!

And guess what, Curra’s at Parmer and Mc Neill is almost finished!!! They will do a test opening on Monday! IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE. I took some pics before it was finished and I’m going to start taking serious pics (along with a couple other professional photographers) so get ready!!!

Everyone is in love with the place, with the perforated plywood and the big ass fan, it feels almost like you can fly in there. It’s SO open, bright and clean, and FUN. They are going to make a killing at this place. Stay tunned. VV

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