Dancing About the Mulberry Trees

in 2003 we were asked to submit ideas for an Art Forum and Community Center in Annaka, Japan… Our design was centered about the Mulberry trees we were gonna plant, hundreds of them.

See if you can spot the kids with balloons and the dog (in the sketches.)

MJ and I have gone into macrobiotics lately, we are also learning Japanese cooking, of course, MJ has always been obsessed with Japan… You should see his Japanese collection of books. It’s just delicate and beautiful.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Estonian Academy of Arts Competition

So we didn’t place. All of us were really hoping for at least a placement (like the Honorable Mention at the Memphis River Front) after all the hard work… but no dice.

During the two months of work preparing this entry (with all nine boards and two physical models) we were lucky to have the much appreciated collaboration and support of DJ Perkison, Jett Butler and his team at FÖDA Studio (see his post on the entries) and Armando Araiza.

The other usual suspects, Reese Schroeder and Chris Hill couldn’t be a part of this one, but they are a part of this incredible team that support us and that we are so grateful for.

Dun Laoghaire Raises its Head…

…and we raised a Lagavulin or three…maybe that’s why we didn’t get into the final selection, we were drinking Scotch instead of Irish wiskey.

You might recall the Dun Laoghaire Library competition. Well, here are a couple of images of it that one of my cohorts on the project , Jett Butler, Foda Studio, whipped up to use in his inspiring presentation at the TSA convention a couple of months ago.

whip it good!

Dun Laoghaire Library Competiton

We were proud of our entry for the Dun Laoghaire Library Competition. Reese and MJ got to travel to Dublin and see the site in person. The location is on the Irish Sea and they stayed in a hotel right on the shoreline, a block and a half from the site. Field trips are something else… especially if there’s Guiness involved. We hope to go back to Ireland soon. We miss it! We’ve spent a couple of month-long summer vacations there. We especially liked the Connemara and Northen Ireland, all of Ireland is just perfect, really.

Anyway, here’s our competition entry.