M. J. Neal Architects specializes in contemporary architecture and interiors.

We are national award winners with our American Institute of Architects award, IIDA award, and others. We have also many state awards and other accolades, including two silver medals.

Our main office is in Austin, Texas with an interdisciplinary film production company sharing our space and soul, Barcelona Films. We design projects all over the world, not just the US!

our email, click here for INFO AT MJNEAL DOT COM is the best way to contact as our physical address has changed!
Austin Monthly featured our Edmonds residence project:

… What can we give back to the land?” is the question Neal likes to ask. So when Neal’s clients marveled that the Horseshoe Bay house he designed for them seemed “to grow from the land” he was pleased. It seems he had given something back.”“He picks colors, he says, for their complexity and life. He could be talking about himself, for it’s the complexity and life of his vision that surely draws clients to him.”

Texas Architect quotes the owner of the store,

Camargo credits his store’s ethereal spirit and minimalist casework as the catalysts for putting shoppers in a buying mood, and says the soft-sell approach has resulted in Anthony Nak exceeding even its most optimistic sales projections…”

A. Ron Carmichael wrote [on Facebook’s MJ Neal Architects page]

at 9:09am on December 22nd, 2008
My family has been incredibly changed by the blessing of MJ’s brilliance.We have lived for more than 11 years in a home he designed for us, and I had no idea at the beginning how powerful the effects would be. There is not a day that goes by that I do not have a conscious thought about some positive aspect of our lives in our home. I can still remember when MJ first came to our lot, a brushy and wooded waterfront lot on Lake Travis, and I watched him walk about, absorbing the karma of it all. The home he then designed fit the land, the lake, and our lifestyle. I will confess that his designs pushed us in directions we did not expect nor even at first realize, but we are all the better for it. I’m delighted that I went searching on Facebook this morning and found your Profile!!  A.Ron Carmichael”

We bring ferociousness, rigor, and truth to the practice of architecture. It is not just our profession; it is our vocation. We specialize in contemporary design and, although we can bring to you that certain “feel” you have in mind for your project and we strive to elicit our client’s hopes, dreams, and desires and then exceed them, we aspire to work with clients that want truthful, and sustainable, architecture.

Partial Awards List:

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