Sustainable Approach

We were one of the first firms in Texas to use experimental sustainable construction systems and we are always researching and training. MJ Neal was on the advisory committee for Austin’s Green Builder Program at its inception and was a Sustainable Building Coalition charter member.

M.J. Neal Architects is committed to offering design solutions that maximize energy efficiency and adhere to sustainable design principles. As a rule of practice, we explore sustainable strategies on all of our projects and we work within the prescribed budget to offer the most practical solutions to sustainability.

Practices we regularly apply on our projects include:
Explore LEED Certification options and strategies with our clients.
Design flexibility into the building for long-term use
Assess life-cycle costs and benefits
Attention to site placement for minimum impact
Reduce building energies’ demands through building envelope (insulation, windows, roofing), HVAC,
daylighting and smart building systems
Explore cleaner fuel sources
Maximize indoor environment – air quality, thermal control, shared natural light
Specifying eco-friendly materials (non-gaseous fabrics and carpeting to recyclable products to non-endangered wood) and indigenous materials use
Design recycling and conservation into the program–through construction to building occupancy

4 thoughts on “Sustainable

  1. I googled Dragonboard and your blog came up.
    Have you used it on any houses where you could share it with me.
    We are building in the Republic of Panama and want to see some photos of it installed.

    1. Hi Cherie,

      We’ve been trying to use it for a few years now but have not been able to get anyone to bite. So unfortunately we have no examples to share. Great product.

    2. Hello Cherie, dragonboard is an amazing product, we have researched it quite extensively via our friend George Swanson, but have not had the opportunity to use it yet… His site is and he produces and imports dragonboard from China. He is the best perosn to consult and to buy from. Tell him we sent you!

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