Steel is up!!!

If you have been reading about the craziness at the job in Cleabourne, you’ll be happy to hear that the construction is actually progressing nicely and that the steel is up! Our happy friend/client is sending us many pictures (mostly taken with his phone, I think…) MJ will have you want to notice the indentation in the foundation specially designed to collect the sand that this fine artist throws at his paintings when he works… there’s also another cut in the foundation that is to be a fire pit… but MJ will post about that, I’m sure. For now I’m just going to paste these here and I will let MJ comment on the job.

I don’t know when that will be because he’s taking off for Dallas in the AM, to visit this site, present another project (I will post renderings of the presentation soon) and to have drinks with another potential commercial client, the lucky dog… VV

The happy architect in front of our office, soon to be former office… (More on that soon. I think we found the perfect space!!!) Although, I’ll be very sad to see this building go, it’s a 50’s gem. and it’s a crime to touch it… unless they do something brilliant with it (let’s hope.)

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