2 thoughts on “Tour the Den…

  1. Jaime and Alex — Thank you so much for opening up your stunning home for The Modern Home Tour. If I were to have taken a vote of best architecture/design of all who attended the Tour — The Wolfe Den would no doubt have been the winner.

    Mj Neal and Viviane Vives — Thank you for being a part of this year’s Tour. In addition, thank you Viviane for participating in the panel discussion. You had the room captivated with your candor, humor and passion for what you do.

    Thank again,

    Krisstina Wise
    The GoodLife Team
    Founder of The Modern Home Tour Austin

  2. yes, thank you, thank you again and again, Alex and Jamie, you guys are the best client anyone could wish for: kind, gracious, generous, compassionate, and of flawless taste!

    and thank you Krisstina, the idea of the tour and your stewardship are of high nature:-)

    I can say the same of your passion and commitment. You made the experience a breeze with your genuine interest and understanding. I was kind of dreading the whole thing and then I remembered why I worked so hard for the last 14 years to begin with:-)


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