We’re in Dwell again!

Our slideshow is in the front page of Dwell. On the print version, we are in the “Houses we Love” section. Coolness. I love, love Dwell… and they are awesome to deal with, on top of it.

2 thoughts on “We’re in Dwell again!

  1. I saw your wonderful work on contemporist.com and must say that there has not been a home that has had as much response to it as the Wolfe home. Every response was beyond positive and most bordering on gushing. It truly is a classic home and the word classic isn’t something we just throw out without just cause.

    I look forward to seeing more of your incredible work in the future .

    1. Thank you so much, Lance! We are touched by the comments at contemporist.com . We work hard and it’s great to see people enjoying the work! If you wanted to see other projects, we have quite a body of work, both built and unbuilt, you can find them by downloading our pdf, by looking into older entries in this blog or by going to our Picasa Albums, and our youtube and vodpod pages. We also have an “official” website. mjneal.com: Here’re some favorite projects:

      Anthony Nak (a national award winner by the AIA plus top state and AIA Austin city design awards, etc))

      Ramp House (Silver medal for interior design, top state and AIA Austin city design awards, etc)

      Farley Studio (Top state, AIA, Austin design award, featured in Dwell…)

      Pilates Studio (Top AIA, Austin design award)

      Twin Peaks (State, AIA, Austin design award, etc.)

      Posted by Viviane

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