Presenting: The Wolfe Den

This is the result of the first photo-shoot. We had to pare it down to 25 shots for a presentation but we will post a wider selection soon. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts! 

BTW, the project has won its first award. Well, the vanity did. MJ and John Newbold collaborated to create this fantastic white concrete counter and sink.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Presenting: The Wolfe Den“, posted with vodpod. Photos by MJ Neal, AIA and Viviane Vives for M. J. Neal Architects, LLC

8 thoughts on “Presenting: The Wolfe Den

  1. I enjoy visiting your blogs, and watching the Wolf-Den come together, the spatial overlaps are wonderful. Excellent work! (Architecture and Photography)

    You should update the floor plans, the image with the boy by the “bathroom-court” on the second floor shows a bench but the plan shows another configuration (field design change most likely, and a good one). You should spend time on updating the plan, like a ‘Design-As-built’, so you can submit to an editor like Oscar Ojeda’s American House series. Plans would then match the images.

    Please keep posting—we are enjoying your design process. I look forward to the next project.

  2. MJ responded this to big fan comment. I have to rush to get these plans corrected:-)

    Thank you big fan!

    “he’s correct on both accounts. bench is in a different position and it was a decision made in the field. really impressive that he spent that much time with the plan.

    MJ Neal, AIA”

    1. We do design-build sometimes, but this one was built (under MJ’s very close, daily, surveillance:-0) by John Bowyer and Michael Kalish of a new outfit. John is a builder that was an interior designer and Michael is an incredible carpenter. We love John and Mike:-)

  3. how much to upgade to this badboy………. don’t answer!!! i know! if i have to even ask, i can’t afford it! i think i’ll stay in the farley studio!

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