The Bench Holds

Speaking of the pilates studio, I don’t think I posted my favorite construction picture of alll times. John Bowyer took the picture; that’s some of Living Art’s fantastic crew. The guy in the red shirt with the blackcap is Michael Kalish, John’s partner at Living Art (and a proud daddy for the second time, congrats again Mike!!!)

Living Art is the construction company that built the pilates studio and our office, and they are building the Wolfe Den, and many more to come… In my book, they have a lot to be proud of. Stay tuned for updates, especially if you are in the market to buy a house designed by MJ. It looks like there will be a few good homes to be had in the horizon. These guys are not only working for us and our clients, but we are working for them too:-)

Next to Michael, at the very end, is MJ, with a beard, looking happy, eh??? (you can tell it’s him because his tennis are clean!)

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