Dogs Hate Dog Houses; Dogs Love Sofas

I don’t even know where to begin. We’re presenting stuff like mad. Remodels, houses on the lake, houses on cliffs, houses in town, houses in the country, more remodels… and a dog house.
I’ll get around to posting about it all but let’s begin with that last one, it’s for Barkitecture Austin.

Our dog house/sofa is called WOOFA.

It’s a dog house that becomes an outdoor sofa (well, two really.) Like they say, a picture (or three) is worth a thousand words.
The glorious text comes from this blog that indispensable Jett of FODA Studio found.

All for charity… for the hounds. Design Within Reach is putting it together. We love the hounds, we love DWR. But we love John and Mike most of all because they are probably at the warehouse, right now, up to their eyebrows in sawdust, and it’s late, and it looks so incredible… get this, there was a little dog drawn in the wood, a wood knowt that looked like a dog, what are the odds???

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