Energy, Energy, Energy

If you are not going to be at home, turn the A/C off, or put it at a higher setting. Since we live in a very shaded house that is also probably sitting on rock, we didn’t have to turn the A/C on until two or three weeks ago… So, it’s a little bit of work to open the windows at night (there’s a frequent breeze passing through here, as we are up on a hill) and close them during the day, to keep the heat out. Do it. It’s worth it. We’ve also gotten in the habit of hanging some of our clothes to dry outside. It’s better for the clothes, better for the environment, and it makes them smell good!We’re hell bent into finding energy saving tips. Not just through our architecture, that goes without saying, but in our daily lives as well.

Look at this news article by the City of Austin. We’ve had the highest energy use ever, three months in a row!!! OK, c’mon, let’s get on the horse! It’s up to us. We are the ones using the energy. If we all save a little, just a little, it makes a BIG difference. Be aware, save energy, every day a little bit.

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