Big Ass, Bad Ass, Kyle’s Ass

Our excitement over some key elements is crossing over from client to client! We’re talking about the

Big Ass Fan!


(I’m talking really loud because the last time we mentioned them in our newsletter and in this blog, we got the coolest swag imaginable, thanks guys!) But seriously, we love this company, and we love the product. Hell, it’s good enough for the cows, right? The thing, though, is that it’s good for the rest of us too.

See, besides that it looks cooler than you-know-what, the reason we are all excited about it, it’s because the energy savings and the comfort levels we are expecting to get out of it. This fan moves at a very low velocity, but it displaces vasts amounts of air. When you check their site out make sure to click on “product innovation” to read about it.

You may know this already, we are obsessed with reducing as much energy usage as possible in every one of our projects, we all know that this is becoming more and more crucial, right? So, the idea is that this fan will work in sync with the air conditioning, and distribute the air coming from it with high efficiency, reducing the amount of time that the A/C unit operates. The fan requires much less use of energy and it doesn’t use any chemicals or put out any exhaust. It also lowers the temperature by several degrees on its own. Every bit counts!

So, Curra’s finish out is on it’s last stretch and we are counting the minutes. Soon the big perforated plywood panels will be up (that will be a big day!) and the door with a stainless steel and wood handle, designed by MJ and crafted by Crippen Sheet Metal (steel) and Archwood Cabinetry (wood) will be finally done. All the restaurant equipment is in, and wait until you see the metal vanities, finished with white car paint…

So, what’s up with Kyle’s Ass? Good question. He really wants a Big one! Actually, the Big Ass Fan is perfect for his project even more so! His painting studio IS like a big modern barn, and the fan will become a must have in his case (only a small portion of the studio is air conditioned, one of the reasons we’re able to build such a big structure for a very minimal price! … And he also owns two miniature donkeys.)

So, now enjoy this journey to the Cleburne site, via the wonderful pictures that Justin Parr took. He’s an artist and friend of Andy Benavides, the general contractor and art gallery owner, mind you ….(are we lucky or what! A builder/artist??? And he’s not the only one we work with, right? Remember John and Mike?) Anyway, meet the crew in Cleburne (I think MJ is in love) and by the end you’ll see our crazy but lovable client and friend riding his miniature donkey. I know, what are the odds…

The view is still so pretty…

That’s Shorty.


The Steel Sips man, David.

And the boss-man, Andy Benavides, also proud gallery owner and maker of picture frames…

It’s ok guys, MJ said this one is coming down, anyway.

No, really. (True story… really)

OK, let’s eat, good idea.

That looks yummy.

It’s ok Kyle, you’re not paying for the food…

Or are you???


OK. Back to work. I want a Big Ass Fan!!!!.

The architect has much “esplaining” to do.

The name’s for posterity, these guys are the kind that take pride:-)

Political propaganda put to good use.

That’s the fire pit. Maybe they are discussing the pig roasting? (We’ll be there for that!)

Let’s get to the donkey part…

Tonto and Harold

Big tonto on Tonto: I want a Big Ass Fan!!!

Guy’s crazy, dude.


2 thoughts on “Big Ass, Bad Ass, Kyle’s Ass

    1. Thanks! Goodness, we’ve been running a blog since 2004, I’m a bit of an internet freak:-) I had my personal blog on live journal after I shot Dear Pillow with Bryan Poyser, he, his sister and the young actor I worked with, all had a blog…. and it both repulsed me and fascinated me…. Finally I gave in to the fascination side and started my blog as barcelonaloca. Later the architecture blog took front stage over the film/personal blog but that may change at any time…


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