I posted this on the Barcelona Films Blog

blog but since it has to do with buildings (somewhat) I decided to post some of it here as well. Go to my blog if you want to read the part about the tunnels for the nuns during the war at my old school, but here’s the last part of the post:

“I dream about other buildings too, like this house that appeared to be my 1800’s apartment in Barcelona but kept showing me this hidden rooms out of an abandoned palace that I never had known where there… I used to dream about those hidden rooms a lot…

The house dreams were very intriguing to me and I read somewhere that the house represents your subconscious. The different rooms the different parts of it. For example, the attic would represent the mind (I wonder what it means that “my” attic had huge holes in the ceiling and you could see the blue sky, the sun, and the clouds, from it. It was also unkept… ) the basement (or the bedroom) your sexuality, and so on…

There’s a Chico Boarque song that I had never understood until I read that. It talks about going into the abandoned house and killing all the members ot the family, one by one, in each room … and aftter that, opening all the windows and letting all the insects in….” VV

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