sunday morsel

O.K., It’s the weekend and beautiful outside and I’m inside, working, what the f…heck. So I thought I would share a tasty morsel from Mr. Alto that seemed appropriate on a Sunday afternoon…

“Though solving the problem of architecture involves a crucial process of humanization, architecture is faced with the old problem of monumentalism and form just as it always was. All attempts to eliminate it would be as fruitless as an effort to eliminate the idea of heaven from religion. 

Though we know that man, poor thing, is not likely to be saved whatever we try to do, the main duty of the architect is to humanize the machine age. However, this must be done without scorning form.

Form is a mystery which eludes definition but makes man feel good in a way quite unlike social aid.”

Between Humanism and Materialism 

Lecture to the Architects’ Association of Vienna, 1955


And so does James Brown…I FEEL GOOD!