Point Zero

Dr. Ami Ran chats with Tzadik and Elie Eliakim 

I’ve excerpted the following from a conversation with the architects in Architecture of Israel Quarterly #60

(The bold and italics are added by me. Enjoy.)

Tzadik and Elie Eliakim – If youre hinting that the building stands out for its modesty, we accept that as a compliment. Today architects are making every effort to convey uniqueness in order to position their individual world-views at the core of their creations. However, when dealing with a structure that must meet particular needs, one must simply deposit ones ego. Though were as up-to-date as we would like to be, we make every effort to avoid producing a “branded” architecture. In order to do so, we are committed to starting every project from point zero, without recycling ready-made solutions, especially such that might vanish once the “attractive” buildings are out of fashion.

Dr. Ami Ran – Im still having trouble grasping how this illustrates a process that begins at point zero? Do you avoid conveying accumulated knowledge from project to project?

Tzadik and Elie Eliakim – Were referring to our personal interpretation of Adolph Loos concept of architecture reduced to zero. According to him, the encounter between the programme and the context is abstract and has no tangible form. That is, ideas have no specific physical configuration.