Dear Pillow DVD: Finally

Y’all know about our other incarnation as filmmakers, right? (if you don’t, go to this web site, Barcelona Films is our little film production studio. (Hence the “inter-disciplinary studio moniker on our phone message”)

Well, I co-starred and helped produce a film by Bryan Poyser and Jake Vaughan called Dear Pillow. We were lucky enough to be selected for more than 35 film festivals around the world, win three of them, and Bryan was nominated for a Independent Spirit Award in the “Someone to Watch” category.

We just got DVD distribution and the DVD is coming out in Nov. 13th! (Is it a Friday???)

You can buy it here:

Dear Pillow DVD at Amazon..

Enjoy!!!! (don’t let the kids watch it:-)

Dear Pillow Screening

This is a film related post, but since I’m the associate producer, female star and a friend of the director who’s trying to raise the money for his next project, I’m going to urge the architecture fans to go the this benefit screeninng for Dear Pillow this Thursday!!!

For tickets and info go to this link and buy your online tix.

They are also showing Kissing on the Mouth, I can’t wait to see it!