Lost Images

I was poking around old files and found these (I had never even seen them before) They are an old incarnation of a house that will never be, but I thought I put them here. We can’t post what we are working on right this minute, because it’s a couple of competitions and we can’t make the work public until there’s a winner… But if you happen to come by the office, you can sneak a peek:-)

Anyway, I hope MJ is cool with my posting these here. If not well, I’ll delete the entry:-) I like this house a lot and just in case you were wondering if you can build amazing houses on steep sites, yes you can… say no to huge retaining walls!!!!

Dun Laoghaire Raises its Head…

…and we raised a Lagavulin or three…maybe that’s why we didn’t get into the final selection, we were drinking Scotch instead of Irish wiskey.

You might recall the Dun Laoghaire Library competition. Well, here are a couple of images of it that one of my cohorts on the project , Jett Butler, Foda Studio, whipped up to use in his inspiring presentation at the TSA convention a couple of months ago.

whip it good!

Moon Units for Sale

The Moon Units have gone officially up for sale. One of the Amstrong units is already gone and another unit is already reserved.

The coolest thing about the units is how they have floor to ceiling windows on BOTH sides. The back side opens into a walkway that is designed to be also used as outdoor space. The front has a variation of red perforated metal panels and some blue tinted windows. The top units also have skylights.

These units are TRUE LOFTS. You get the awesome raw space, with glorious white concrete block and diamond polished concrete floors on the ground units, one or two great bathrooms (depeding if you buy a large or smaller unit) and a high quality kitchen.

If you go by the sales office, they will show you the materials board we were posting about a few entries back, plus, this early, you’ll be able to chose pretty much any material you want for your interior. The idea is that you get to create your own space, inside. Or, if you prefer, you can come to our office to get your very own personalized interior! If you are not into designing things yourself, we’ll pick even your napkins for you, if you let us…

The units, especially the larger two story ones, can work especially well for people that work at home. You can work on one level and live on the other. It’s especially nice for artists or people that like big open spaces…

Go to the Moon Units website for prices and all that good stuff.

Tiny Weekend House in Wimberly

First conceptual sketches for a weekend house in Wimberly. MJ went to the site last week and apparently he liked it so much that couldn’t help himself. Now, we are lucky that the client will probably fall in love with it and sign the contract:-) Ay… technicalities never have meant much to Mr Neal, I should be used to it by now…

But I don’t blame him, up his alley completely, minimalist program, tiny little weekend home with minuscule budget, did any one say challenge???

Dun Laoghaire Library Competiton

We were proud of our entry for the Dun Laoghaire Library Competition. Reese and MJ got to travel to Dublin and see the site in person. The location is on the Irish Sea and they stayed in a hotel right on the shoreline, a block and a half from the site. Field trips are something else… especially if there’s Guiness involved. We hope to go back to Ireland soon. We miss it! We’ve spent a couple of month-long summer vacations there. We especially liked the Connemara and Northen Ireland, all of Ireland is just perfect, really.

Anyway, here’s our competition entry.