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There is tacit wisdom of architecture accumulated in history and tradition. But in today’s panicked rush for the new, we rarely stop to listen to this wisdom. Architecture needs slowness to re-connect itself with this source of silent knowledge. Architecture requires slowness in order to develop a cumulative tradition again, to accumulate a sense of […]

So we didn’t place. All of us were really hoping for at least a placement (like the Honorable Mention at the Memphis River Front) after all the hard work… but no dice. During the two months of work preparing this entry (with all nine boards and two physical models) we were lucky to have the […]

Maybe I should title this blog “the Daily Debacle”. Actually I dedicate everyday to the making of beautiful things. Maybe I should say the making of beautiful, appropriate things. I receive one of those phone calls I’ve been talking about. To back up for a minute and fill you in: in the last episode we […]


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